A card displayed on a worksheet enables you to consume data more easily. For example, you could display any card type, to compare data in the primary grid with supplementary data, a chart card, to help users visualize the data proportions within the primary grid, or a grid card that's synchronized with the main grid.

To display a card on a worksheet:

  1. Navigate to Additional insights on the right of the screen.
  2. Click the card type icon to the left of the card name.
Worksheet with Additional insights panel highlighted. On the bottom right, the Payroll Trend Chart grid card is displayed.

The card displays on the bottom half of the primary grid.

Worksheet. An expanded grid card, titled Payroll Trend Chart, is highlighted and displays on the bottom half.

If actions have been added to a card, then actions buttons display in its top-right upon expansion.

An expanded card to which actions have been added. Actions buttons display in the top-right of the card toolbar.