Grids are interactive components for displaying data from Anaplan models.

Search for dimensions and data items within a worksheet grid, and then select them as context.

Quick links take you to related pages.

You can drill down into any cell that contains a formula or summary, to see how the cell's value is calculated. You can open and resize the insights panel, if your page builder prepared it.

When you select data in a grid, CountMinMaxAverage, and Sum calculations display in the Quick sum bar at the bottom of the screen.

Use cell history to view changes to all data in a grid, or for specified of cells, over a time period.

Editable cells contain purple text on a white background. Read-only cells contain dark gray text on a light gray background.

For editable cells, you can:

To change what data you see, you can:

To change how data displays on a grid, you can resize column width, format cells, and set conditional formatting to highlight data.

You can export data from a current view and run an action from the worksheet toolbar.