You can create an OAuth 2.0 client to authenticate user data across apps.

You must be a Tenant security administrator to create and work with OAuth 2.0 clients.

To create an OAuth 2.0 client:

  1. Access Administration from the application menu.
  2. Select Security > OAuth Clients.
  3. The first time you open OAuth clients from the menu, select Enable OAuth.
  4. Select New in the upper right corner.
    The Create OAuth 2.0 client dialog displays.
  5. Enter a Name for your new OAuth 2.0 client.
    The alpha-numeric name can contain either ? or ! marks. You can't use other punctuation marks or special characters.
  6. Select a grant Type from the dropdown.
    Either of these two methods can retrieve the access token:
    • Authorization code grant 
    • Device grant


  • Authorization code grant displays the client authorization request in a web browser or mobile app. You can approve or reject this request. If approved, users are redirected back to the client with a temporary code. The client exchanges this code with an access token. 
  • Device grant is a type of extension. It enables devices without browsers or limited input capability to exchange a prior device code with a fresh access token. 
  • Device grant flow is disabled with SSO.
  1. Enter the Allowed callback URLs.
    We support up to 60 URLs. Examples: or
    Note: The URL field is required. However, in the case of a device-based OAuth client, the URL value isn't used. For example, you can use
  2. Select Create Client.
    Your new OAuth 2.0 client is ready to configure.