The Data collection list displays all of your data collections.

You see:

    • Name
    • Date created
    • Status (running, ready, or failed)

For details, select a data collection and see the inspector panel on the right. Select the ellipsis menu for more options.

The Overview tab includes:

    • Supported forecast time interval
    • Last rerun of data assembly
    • Used by forecast model(s)
    • Warning or error messages (if any)

The Properties tab includes:

    • Source
    • Workspace
    • Model
    • Export action
    • Model time scale
    • Time scale identified by PlanIQ
    • Identified time/date range
    • Data mapping

The information displays for each data type used in the data collection and may vary by type.

The menu includes four options:

    • Rerun data assembly: If there are any warnings or errors, you can rerun the data assembly. The rerun may resolve them. 
    • Delete: Permanently remove the data collection.
    • Duplicate: Copy the data collection to edit its properties.
    • Email support: Send details to the Anaplan support team.