You can drill down into a cell that displays a value calculated by reference to other cells. If any cell the calculation references also contains a formula or summary, you can drill down on that cell, too. This enables you to view any data the calculation uses, all the way down to the lowest level. 

To begin, you must first drill down a single level. Once you drill down more than one level, you can return to previous levels, or continue to drill down multiple levels.

However, if you select a cell that does not contain a formula or summary, there's nothing to drill down into. So, the number of levels you can drill down depends on which cells you select at each stage. For this reason, you can never drill down more than one level at a time.

To drill down to the next level in the Drill down panel:

  1. In a Summary values or Formula values grid, right-click the value you want to drill down into.
    If the cell contains a formula or summary, the drill down context menu displays.
    If the cell does not contain a formula or summary, the drill down context menu does not display and there's no more levels to drill down into.
  2. Select Drill down.
    The Drill down panel displays the next drill level.
    The Drill level drop-down menu at the top of the panel displays the current drill level.
    A Drill from grid displays the cell data of the cell from which you've drilled.

To return to a previous drill down level:

  1. Click the Drill level menu.
    A drop down menu displays all previous levels to which you've drilled.
    A search field displays at the top of the drop-down menu. You can enter a key term to display only those levels that match your search term.
  2. Select the level to which you want to return.
    The drill down data for the level you select displays.


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