Run this call on each chunk to download them sequentially.  Once you have downloaded all the chunks, concatenate them on your host. The request below downloads chunk 0.

Method and endpoint{workspaceID}/models/{modelID}/processes/{processesID}/tasks/{taskid}/dumps/{objectID}/chunks/{chunk}



AnaplanAuthToken:{token}Your Anaplan authentication token value.
workspaceIDThe workspace ID
modelIDThe model ID
processIDThe process ID
taskIDThe ID for the process task.
objectIDThe dump object ID from the process task status call.
chunkThe chunk count.  Use 0 for the first chunk. Increment the sequence based on the number of chunks. 

Curl example

curl -X GET \ \ -H 'authorization: AnaplanAuthToken {anaplan_auth_token}' \ -H "Content-Type:application/json"


"_Status_","Column 1","Parent","Code","Start Date","Leave Date","Column 6","Column 7","Start Datesss","Column 9","Column 10","Column 11","_Line_","_Error_1_" "W","Max Warren",",,","","4/16/12","","","","4/16/12","","","","151","Invalid parent" "W","Carolyn Tabor","Supply Chain","",",,,","6/30/09","","","6/30/06","","","","153","Invalid date: ,,," "E","","Parent","Code","Start Date","Leave Date","","","Start Datesss","","","","11522","Invalid name: Code" "E","","Parent","Code","Start Date","Leave Date","","","Start Datesss","","","","23043","Invalid name: Code"


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