You can recreate the effect of the Excel MMULT function in Anaplan.

The Excel MMULT function returns the matrix product of two arrays.

To recreate the MMULT function in Anaplan:

  1. Create three lists for the matrix dimensions (in this example, I, J, and K).
    Add a parent item to list K to sum intermediate products.
  2. Create two modules, Matrix A and Matrix B, to use as input matrices.
    • Configure Matrix A with one line item, Value, as Pages, the list I set as Rows, and the list K as Columns.
    • Configure Matrix B with one line item, Value set as Pages, the list K set as Rows, and the list J as Columns.
      The column count of Matrix B must match the row count of Matrix A.
  3. Create a module, Matrix C, as the output matrix.
  4. Configure Matrix C with one line item as Pages, the list I as Rows, and the lists J and K as Columns.
  5. In the Matrix C module, hide every occurrence of the K list except the parent column, which sums intermediate products.
  6. In the line item used as Pages in Matrix C, use this formula:

Matrix A.Value * Matrix B.Value