Anaplan provides a range of functions and operators to define formulas with. Apply these formulas to the data in your models.

Formulas can be as simple or as complex as necessary to achieve the business objective. The Formula Editor is always visible when you’re working in a module and you can jump in and out of it whenever you like. 

Formulas can contain functions, expressions, references, operators, and constants.

  • A function takes one or more values and performs a defined operation to return a result.
  • An expression takes one or more values and performs a calculation or comparison to return a result. Expressions normally include operators and constants, mathematical symbols that specify the calculation to be performed.
  • A reference takes one or more values from modules, line items, and list properties within Anaplan.
  • A constant is a value, such as a set date, text, or a number, that does not change.

Always consider performance when building formulas. Anaplan locks the model while formulas are verified, and batches incoming data changes together with some model changes (like list edits) and views. This means it can push them all through to the model in one batch when the lock is released.

The arguments used in functions must be in the correct data format for the function to work correctly. Some functions are designed exclusively to change the format of data and are useful when building formulas.

In Anapedia, optional arguments in calculation functions are enclosed in [square brackets]. You can choose whether to include optional arguments when you build formulas. When there is no optional argument, a function performs according to its default setting.

Click a tile to see all functions in that category, or you can view all Functions in alphabetical order. You can then select any entry to see further information about a function, its syntax, and examples.

To see all functions in action, go to App Hub and download the Formulas & Functions app.

For additional information on techniques and how to perform more advanced calculations, see the Formula Usage Tipspage.

If you want to migrate a calculation that you use in Excel into Anaplan, the Excel® Comparison page can offer some guidance. 

If you know what you want to do but are unsure of which Anaplan formula will help, try the Search page.

For help with errors when entering formulas, see Common Formula Errors.