In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, pivot and filter data in an Excel worksheet to reorganize how the data displays in a connection.

When you pivot or filter, the current connection updates with the latest data from Anaplan.

List-formatted line items do not show as dropdown lists in the add-in. 

To pivot and filter:

  1. Select Pivot & Filter on the Anaplan ribbon.
  2. On the Pivot and Filter dialog, drag and drop the dimensions between Pages, Rows, and Columns.
  3. You can select Filter next to a dimension, then:
    • Select Select all.
    • Select the items you want to display.
    • Deselect the items you want to hide. 
  4. Select OK.

If you deselect many items, the add-in uses Excel's row deletion action to remove items. The add-in carries out row deletions in the background, but appears frozen. 

If you use Excel 2010, you may experience issues with dropdown lists in the Pivot and Filter dialog. When you select a dimension to show on a page, you're unable to use the dropdown list again to select or deselect other items. If the ribbon is unresponsive, sign out, then sign in again. 

For multi-sheet connections, pivot and filter allows you to filter dimensions that are on pages, but you can't pivot or filter dimensions on rows and columns.