In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, use the Anaplan ribbon.

The Anaplan ribbon displays the Excel Add-in function buttons. The buttons available depend on whether you:

  • Are signed into the Excel Add-in
  • Have a connection open and if it is a read-only connection or a read/write connection
  • Have an incompatible workbook open

The Anaplan ribbon.
Ribbon Buttons (left to right)Functions
Sign In

Sign In 

Click to sign in.

Authentication Settings

Select the environment you want to sign in to and if you want to sign in with Single Sign-on (SSO). 

Sign Out

If you're already signed into the Excel Add-in, this button changes to Sign Out, which you can click to sign out.

Workbook Conversion

Click to convert your workbook to work with your current version of the Excel Add-in.

This only displays if you open an incompatible workbook, for example from a Series 3 version of the Excel Add-in.

If this is the case, a red dot displays on the Workbook Conversion button. Once you complete the conversion, the ribbon is enabled.


New Read-Only Connection 

Create a read-only connection to a module or saved view.

New Read/Write Connection

Create a read-write connection to a module or saved view.

CloneClone the current Anaplan connection and its data contents into a new worksheet.
RemapRemap your connection to a different model.
Pivot and Filter

Pivot and Filter

If you're connected to a module, click this to pivot and filter dimensions.


If you're connected to a saved view, click this to preview the dimensions within it.


Refresh Current Connection

Refresh cells in the current connection with the latest data from Anaplan.

Refresh Multiple Connections

Refresh cells for all connections in the current workbook with the latest data from Anaplan.

Send and Refresh

Save data changes to the Anaplan model you're connected to.

Only available if you currently have a Read/Write connection open.

Hide Toolbar

Hide Toolbar

Hide the Anaplan toolbar, which displays beneath the Anaplan ribbon.

Show Toolbar

This displays when the toolbar is hidden. Click to show the toolbar again.

Add-in Help

Online User Guide

Anapedia instructions for the Add-in.

Extensions information

Community pages with the latest information on Extensions.

Extensions training

The latest training notes and videos.

Ask the Community

Links to the Start a Topic and Ask a Question pages to address other Community members.

Email Support

Send an email to Anaplan support if you have questions or concerns about the Add-in.

Provide Feedback

Share your Feedback

Links to the Community > Extensions Feedback page.

Suggest and Vote on Ideas 

Links to the Community > Idea Exchange page.

Join our User Research Program 

Links to a survey and explains how you can participate in the research program.

What's New

What's New

A red dot displays on this button to notify you when there's new features in your version of the Excel Add-in. 

Check for updates 

Check for, and install, version updates.


Click to open a window with five settings that you can select:

  • Keep Excel formatting
  • Keep Excel formula
  • Apply Anaplan styling
  • Insert new items on refresh (excluding saved module views)
  • Show or Hide Connection Details

Click to open a window that displays your version numbers for the Excel Add-in, Excel, and Windows.

Also contains options to obtain the numbers of and files for your:

  • CLR Build
  • Session IDs
  • Log Files

Note: You might see more than one Excel Add-in listed. This is not a bug. The Anaplan Excel Add-in uses Excel-DNA which creates a COM Add-in and is dynamically generated.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.