Large files can time out during API use. It's best practice to break your upload files into chunks using the split bash command.

Note: You can run bash shell scripts on Linux and MacOS machines. To run bash shell script commands in Windows requires special setup. Contact your system administrator or IT department if you want to run bash scripts on a Windows machine.

To create a set chunk, use the bash shell split command with the following syntax:

split -b [chunk size] [path to filename] [output file prefix]


[chunk size]The size of each chunk in bytes.  Chunks can be from 1 to 50 megabytes in size.
[path to filename]The name of the file you convert into chunks.  If necessary, prefix the file name with the file path.
[output file prefix]A prefix for your chunk file.  Without a prefix, each chunk file is named by a sequence starting with 'aa'.

For example:

split -b 104876 ArchivedOpportunities.csv chunk-

If the file is 2.7 megabytes, the output is three chunks named chunk-aachunk-ab, and chunk-ac.