Anaplan supports unicode, with the exception of some control characters. However, the types of character you import can have various effects.

Note: You can import special characters into Anaplan as data. However, try to avoid special characters in list item names, or other values used as mappings in an import. This can result in errors when you import.

Unicode provides code points that combine to create a range of characters for different scripts and languages.

Unicode code points are organized into blocks on either:

For more information about which plane different characters are part of, see the Unicode Code Charts.

In Anaplan, characters from the BMP have a length of one, and characters from the SMP have a length of two.

This length affects the behavior of the LEFT, LENGTH, MID and RIGHT functions in the Classic engine. Each function considers a character from the SMP to be equivalent to two characters from the BMP.

Additionally, this length affects the 60 character limit for list item names (or other names you can define, such as module names). List item names have a limit of 60 characters, but characters from the SMP count as two characters towards this limit.

You should normalize your data when you import characters that contain variants such as accents. This can reduce errors, and ensure consistency. For example, certain calculation functions handle canonically equivalent characters with different encoding differently.

The following Unicode code points and the control characters they represent cannot be imported into an Anaplan model:

Unicode code pointCharacter description
0000Null character
0001Start of heading
0002Start of text
0003End-of-text character
0004End-of-transmission character
0005Enquiry character
0006Acknowledge character
0007Bell character
000BVertical tab
000CForm feed
000EShift out
000FShift in
0010Data link escape
0011Device control 1
0012Device control 2
0013Device control 3
0014Device control 4
0015Negative-acknowledge character
0016Synchronous idle
0017End-of-transmission block
0018Cancel character
0019End of medium
001ASubstitute character
001BEscape character
001CFile separator
001DGroup separator
001ERecord separator
001FUnit separator