You can import line items, line item data, list items, users, and versions into your model. 

It can be useful to import data from external sources into a model so you can work with the data in Anaplan. You can also import data from another Anaplan model to maintain consistency across your workspace.

Imports are a quick way to populate data in your model without time-consuming data entry.

The first time you run an import, you must set it up.

Workspace administrators can set up list, line item, module data, user, and version imports from source files. They can also set up imports from another model.

For an introduction to import set up, consult Import basics.

Once an import has been set up, it can be run again as action in the model, run from a card or worksheet in the user experience, or run via the Anaplan API.

Workspace administrators can run imports from the Actions pane.

Any user with access permission can run most imports published to a dashboard. However, note that only workspace administrators can run imports to the Versions and Users panes.