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  4. Synchronization
  5. Disable synchronization between a card and a page

As a page builder, you can disable synchronization for a card's context selectors. When you disable synchronization, the card no longer updates in response to the selection of another card, or of a different row on a grid.

By default, context selectors display at the top of a page. However, when synchronization is disabled for a card, context selectors display within the card. In this case, the links are disabled between the card-level selectors and the page-level selectors.

Cards configured in this way are unresponsive to page-level selections. When an end user chooses a different dimension on the card, the card value alone updates. No other items on the page are affected. Use this option if you want a published card to display the same values until an end user makes an alternative selection. For example, you could choose to display values for a list item, such as an individual user, when the page is opened.

Alternatively, you can display a context selector as a label within a card. This option ensures that the value on the card is not amended when the context is changed at page level. It also informs the end user which dimensions are selected for a card.

When a card is synchronized with a worksheet, a selector or label chosen in the Card designer will not display on the card. This is because the card uses the main grid selector that already displays in the Additional insights panel.

Disable synchronization

To disable synchronization between a card and a page:

  1. Open the page in designer mode.
  2. Click the pencil icon on the card containing the context selector.
    This opens the Card designer dialog.
  3. Click the cog icon to the left of the context selector.
    By default, Sync with page is toggled on, displaying as green.
    This means that the context selector is synchronized with the page.
  4. Click the Sync with page switch, so that it displays in black.
    This means that the context selector and page are unsynchronized.
The Card designer dialog. The context selector for Budget displays its Sync with page switch as toggled off.
  1. Under Show on card, choose one of these three options:
    • Off (default setting on boards) — ensures that the selector does not appear on the card.
    • Label — displays the name of the dimension as a label on the card.
    • Selector (default setting on worksheets) — displays the selector on the card (but will not display if Sync with page is toggled off).
  2. Click Publish in the top right-hand corner of the screen.