As a page builder, you can disable synchronization for a card's context selectors. When you disable synchronization, the card no longer updates in response to the selection of another card, or of a different row on a grid.

You must open your page in designer mode. Select Edit this page

You can save your work at any time. Select Save to save as a draft. When you're ready to publish, select Publish.

To disable synchronization between a card and a page:

  1. Hover over your card that contains the context selector and select Edit .
  2. On the Card configuration panel, select the Context tab.
  3. Select the cog to the left of the context selector.
  4. Select synchronization options. By default, Sync with page and Sync on selection are enabled.
    • To unsynchronize the context selector and the page selectors, toggle left Sync with page.
    • To disable page context selection when a user selects a grid header or item in a chart, toggle left Sync on selection.
  5. Under Show on card, select one of these three options:
    • Off (default setting on boards) ensures that the selector does not appear on the card.
    • Label displays the name of the dimension as a label on the card.
    • Selector (default setting on worksheets) displays the selector on the card. Selector does not display if Sync with page is disabled.