Hierarchy filters enable users to display parent and child items on adjacent grids. This is useful when you need a granular view of some high-level data.

As a page builder, you can enable a hierarchy filter on a board or a worksheet.

A hierarchy filter synchronizes the data items across grids by hierarchy. You can enable this using the Rows and Columns switches in the Card configuration panel.

When you enable these switches for a secondary grid, end users can select a parent item on a main grid and the secondary grid displays the child items. This is useful if, for example, your main grid displays sales areas, and your secondary grid displays sales personnel.

When you create a hierarchy filter, the module used as a data source must contain parent and child items from a common hierarchy. You can only configure a hierarchy filter if the primary grid isn't based on the lowest level of a composite list.

Hierarchy-filtered grids are fully configurable. For example, you can show/hide, pivot, or sort your data.

Learn how to configure a hierarchy filter.