Anaplan has many features to help you build the best experience for your users to view and edit data.

As a page builder, you can create apps, pages, categories, boards, worksheets, cards, and forms.  

You can also use drafts to prepare and preview changes to your pages before publication.

Discover how to use the card template library so you can reuse cards and card configurations on pages that share the same model.

Once published, you can continue to edit, rename, delete, and configure your pages and other features of your apps.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you can also use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) features. These enable a single page to support ALM workflows, without the need for separate development and production apps. 

Apps and pages have many flexible features that you can use to display your data in ways that help your users visualize its meaning.

Learn about synchronization, and how to configure context selectors so you can compare data from different contexts on the same page.

Explore the chart types available in our user experience and make an informed choice about which is best for your page.

Discover conditional formatting, and how to sort or filter your data.

You can also import and export data, to help users engage with data in the environment that best suits their needs.