1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Build apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Build pages
  4. Manage your pages
  5. My Pages for page builders
  6. Convert a personal page to an app page

When you convert a personal page to an app page, it becomes available to all users with access to the selected app.

To convert a personal page to an app page:

  1. Click the Page options ellipsis () in the top right of the personal page.
    The dropdown displays.
Page options drop-down. The Convert to an app page option displays at the top.
  1. Click Convert to an app page.
    The Convert to an app page dialog displays.
Convert to an app page dialog. Name, App, and Category fields are displayed.
  1. Enter the Name for the converted page, and select the App it will reside in and (optionally) the Category.
    By default, the Name field displays the current name of the page. You can edit or change this as suits your needs.
  2. Click Publish.
    The page reopens in the selected app, and a confirmation dialog displays in the top right.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.