For consistent focus on list items and line items on a page, you can enable synchronized scrolling for groups of grids.

Create a maximum of four groups, with four grids per group. A card can only belong to one group.

Grids enabled for synchronized scroll will scroll together regardless of their content. Grids in a group should contain the same header content for the scroll directions you configure.

To enable synchronized scrolling in grids:

  1. Enter designer mode.
  2. On a grid card, select the card menu then Synchronize scroll.
  3. In the right-hand side Synchronize scroll panel, select Add group.
  4. Select to edit the new grid group.
  5. Optionally, change the Name the group.
  6. From the Scroll direction dropdown, select one of:
    • None, available only for board pages.
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical and horizontal
  7. When you're ready, Publish your page.

All new synchronized scrolling groups are enabled for users, and users can enable or disable these groups.

To remove a group on a worksheet, select None for Scroll direction then Publish your page.

To remove a group on a board, select its then Publish your page.


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