As a page builder, you can add cards to an app page, and configure them to display and visualize data from an Anaplan model. This enables contributors to work with the data and collaborate on planning.

A card is an interactive component that page builders can add to a page.

Cards enable you to build an experience that informs through visualizations and data, and focus collaborators towards your planning goals. You can add cards to:

Grid and field cards enable users to analyze and input data. You can use KPI and chart cards to visualize data. Image cards present data-driven pictures. Text cards inform and direct your users. Action cards enable you to focus data processes and collaboration.

Learn more about card types.

You can configure a card, move a card, rename a card, edit the size and position of a card, and delete a card.

Access the source module for a card from the card menu .

For boards and worksheets, create and use card templates to speed up your page building. A library of templates enables page builders to quickly build pages without knowledge of the underlying model.

On each card, you can configure links to other pages in your app. This allows users to navigate through the cards or drill in to a page with more detail. For example a summary grid card on a board page can link to a more detailed worksheet page.

With a board or a worksheet, you can add import, export, assign, or process actions from a model, and create new notification and form actions.

You can add actions to:

  • A worksheet toolbar
  • Any card on a board or worksheet page
  • An action card, as buttons

Learn more about actions.