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  4. Select the versions for a line item formula

If a line item has a formula, you can select which versions the formula applies to in the Formula Scope field in Blueprint.

Each line item and version combination can have only one formula.

To select the version for a line item formula:

  1. Open the module in Blueprint, and in the Formula Scope field for the line item, select from these options:
Formula ScopeDescription
All VersionsLine item formula applies to all versions.
Actual VersionsLine item formula applies only to the Actual version.
All versions except ActualLine item formula applies to all versions, including the Current version but excluding the Actual version.
Current VersionLine item formula applies to the Current version only.

Difference between Formula Scope and Add Version Formula

Use the Formula Scope field when you want a formula to apply to a version and an individual line item.

Use the Add Version Formula option on the Edit menu when you want a formula to apply to a version and a line item subset in a module. 

You can also add a version formula to the whole model.  

When setting up version formulas, you might need to change the scope of one or more line item formulas so they do not clash.


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