You can add a formula to a group of line items for a specific version. The formula applies to a single module only. If the line item subset spans more than one module, the formula applies to the line items in one module only.

First, create the line item subset if it does not exist.

  1. Open the module that contains the line item subset in Blueprint mode.
  2. From the Edit menu, select Add Version Formula.
  3. Select the line item subset in the left pane, and the version in the right pane.  Each model has two versions by default: Actual and Forecast. You can create additional versions.
  1. Select OK. A Version Formulae bar appears above the line item formula bar with Version name [line item subset name]  on the left of the bar.
  2. Type the formula in the formula editing bar.
    The formula applies to the line item subset for the version chosen in the current module only.

A version formula can only be edited in Blueprint