You can add a version formula to a model. The version formula applies to the whole model, wherever the Versions dimension is applied. You would typically use a version formula for variance calculations.

To add a version formula to a model:

  1. In the model settings bar, select Versions .
  2. In the Formula cell for the version, type the formula. The formula applies to number-formatted line items only. Line items with other types of formatting are left blank.
    In the example below, formulas calculate the Variance, and the Variance %.




Actual - Budget
Variance %

IF Budget > 0 THEN 100 * (Actual - Budget) / Budget ELSE 100 * (Budget - Actual) / Budget
Apr 14

If the formula is incorrect a warning message is displayed. Check line item names are entered correctly, and the correct syntax is used for the formula. Learn more in IF THEN ELSE and Operators and Constants.