Breakback lets you type a value into a total (aggregate) cell, and all the cell values that make up the total are changed to reflect the total value. For example, you can distribute a total annual salary over 12 months to calculate a monthly payment.

Breakback is indicated by a blue triangle in the top-left corner of the cell.

You can only enable Breakback for line items that are number formatted and do not contain formulas.

To enable Breakback for specific line items:

  1. Open the module in Blueprint mode.
  2. Scroll across the columns and select Breakback for each line item.

You can enable breakback for every new line item that is added to a module either from the Modules screen, or by opening the module in Blueprint mode. At the top of the Breakback column, select New Line Items: On.

Total cells that have breakback enabled have a blue triangle in the top-left corner. Hover over the breakback marker to see how many cells are impacted by breakback. You can hide the breakback markers in the Help menu. Select Hide breakback markers.


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