We've enhanced the modeling experience with a sleek user interface, streamlined navigation, and a range of features to make modeling more intuitive.

You still have all the familiar features you know and trust, with new features to make modeling easier.

All users benefit from a modern interface that seamlessly integrates with apps and pages. You can:

  • Switch between models and workspaces with the navigation bar.
  • Use Model search to find specific model objects from the Model settings bar.
  • Search model Contents from the Find field at the top.
    Your current place in the model is highlighted in gray.
  • Reorder your tabs.
  • Split your view between tabs.
  • Open the dashboard toolbar with a right-click on the tab.
    In Classic, you double-click the toolbar.

Learn more about our improved navigation and tab management.

If you're a workspace administrator, there are further enhancements to enable more intuitive model building:

  • In the formula editor, autocomplete suggests results that match the terms you type, as you type them.
    These include modules, line items, functions, lists, or list items that you can select to add to your formula.
  • Syntax highlights and indentations to make your formulas easier to read.
  • The Pages pane displays which pages use the model for their source data.
    You can select a page to view the modules and views it uses.

When you open a model, you experience all our improvements by default. This applies whether you navigate from Home, from Models, or from any link you have saved. The only exception is if you access the Model management dialog in Classic and open a model from there.

To return to Classic, select Help > Switch to Anaplan Classic.