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  4. Solve connection issues and understand connection limits

Find the answers for common connection issues with Excel Add-in Series 4 and understand connection cell and list limits.

Solve connection problems

If you cannot find the module you want to connect to, sign out and back in to the Add-in. This clears the cache and may fix the issue. Or you can check your access permissions with your Anaplan workspace administrator.

Connect to a module with subsidiary views

You can connect to a module with subsidiary views in it, but note that the Excel Add-in does not display the contents of any subsidiary views.

Work within cell limits

There's a limit of one million cells of Anaplan data per worksheet. If you try to create a connection that would result in more than one million cells on a worksheet, the cell count displays in red and you cannot create the connection.

If you need to display more than one million cells, split the data into multiple views and create multiple connections in separate sheets. 

Or you can pivot and filter your data to reduce the number of cells that are displayed.

See Excel specifications and limits for information on other maximum limitations.

Work within list limits

The limit for the list size of imported modules or views is one million items. You cannot create a connection to a module that contains a list dimension with more than one million items.

Display totals

Totals display at the bottom of columns in the Excel Add-in, regardless of the Totals Position that you select in Anaplan.