In series 4 of the Excel Add-in, create connections to access your Anaplan data in Excel.

You can create a number of connections across different worksheets within a single Excel workbook. You can create different types of connection to best suit your planning activities. Note that the first time you connect or refresh data from Anaplan into the add-in, it may take a few seconds.

If you only need to access Anaplan data, and not write data to Anaplan, create a read-only connection. If you also need to write new data to Anaplan, create a read/write connection. 

You can copy a workbook and its associated connections will be kept.

Multi-sheet connections allow you to create a connection where all possible combinations of page dimensions in Anaplan are displayed on separate worksheets. This is ideal for when you need to work with data with a lot of dimensionality.

Synchronize your multi-sheet connections to keep them up to date. Synchronization generates new worksheets when items are added or removed from a page dimension in Anaplan.

If you want to use a connection with a new data source in Anaplan, remap an existing connection.

You can also clone a connection. This can be useful to access the same data across multiple worksheets, or to test changes to a connection.  

Note: When you use a connection in Excel, do not merge header cells. Cells may not update when you refresh your connection. 

Note: If you move a workbook or worksheet from the Excel Add-in to the Google Sheets Add-on, all connections are lost.