In Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets, you can rename any columns and rows that you've manually inserted into a worksheet. If you want to rename a row or column that's been imported from Anaplan, you must edit the value in the Google Sheets formula bar.

The Google Sheets formula bar displays a formula that has the syntax:

=CHOOSE("Value1", "Value2", "Value3", "Value4")

Value4 represents the column or row name. Only edit this value. The rest of the formula retrieves data from Anaplan when you refresh the connection.

If you cannot see the Google Sheets formula bar, contact your IT department. It may be hidden due to your company IT policy. The add-on does not disable the formula bar. 

To rename a column or row that has been imported from Anaplan, select the row or column header you want to rename, then replace the final value with the new name. Press Enter to update. 


For example, if you have a sales sheet that uses a Products list for the rows, you might want to update the name of one of the products from Gold Collection to Platinum Collection. When you select the cell for Gold Collection, the following formula displays:

=CHOOSE(3, "101000000003", "206000000002", "Gold Collection")

Gold Collection is the value between the final set of quotation marks. To rename the row header, replace Gold Collection with Platinum Collection.


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