Use Drill Down in a module or classic dashboard, to analyze a single level or multiple levels. You can also open the source model and show all columns and rows, to gain more context from your drill down. 

To use drill down:

  1. Select a cell or group of cells, then either:
  • Right-click and select Drill Down from the dropdown menu. 
  • Press F8 on your keyboard.
  • In a module, navigate to Data in the toolbar, and select Drill Down.

A popup window displays your drill down results. To examine the source module, select the arrow to the left of the drill down result. From the dropdown menu, select Open source module.  

To drill down multiple levels, continue to press F8 or right-click on the cell and select Drill Down from the dropdown menu. 

To return to a previous drill down level, close the current drill down window. If you close a drill down window, any subsequent windows close. You can then restart the drill down process on a different cell selection. 

For example, if you have drilled down five levels on a particular data element, you have windows 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 open. If you then close window 3, you also close windows 4 and 5. You can now drill down on a different cell in window 2 to look at your data from a different perspective.

To get more context from your drill down, you can expand the drill down selection and choose to show other rows or columns. To expand the drill down selection:

  1. From the drill down window, select a row or column then right-click. 
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Show All Columns or Show All Rows. 


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