In a module or classic dashboard, use Drill Down to analyze data in a cell. 

You can use Drill Down on any cell that contains a formula or summary. 

Note: This functionality is not available in Polaris.

Drill Down:

  • Enables you to drill down through many levels and modules, to show the formulas used to calculate values and the data cells referenced in the calculations.
  • Is an iterative process. You can continue to drill down on values until the lowest level of data is reached. If a cell only contains a value, there's nothing to drill down into.
  • Isn't limited to SUM calculations, as is the case with Drill to Transaction
  • Can be used on data that is entered manually or via an import. Drill down takes you back to the data cells that were targeted by an import link. You cannot drill down to view the raw text file that was used in the import.

Examples of how you might use Drill Down include:

  • Explore the values that make up a consolidated sales figure.
  • Investigate an expense line in an income statement, all the way down to the general ledger codes.
  • Examine a breakdown of employees by individual cost centers to understand consolidated staff costs.

Note: If you have a complex, multi-dimensional summary module that uses SUM calculations, and want to analyze data from the summary module’s source module, see Drill to Transaction.