In the PowerPoint Add-in, add a text component to your PowerPoint presentation. You can refresh the component to display the latest data from your Anaplan connection. 

To add text:

  1. On the Anaplan ribbon, select Add Text.
  2. In the Anaplan Add Text dialog:
  3. Select Next.
  4. You can:
    • Choose a different dimension from the context selector dropdown list. 
    • Select the padlock above the context selector dropdown list to lock a dimension.
    • Select Preview.
In this example, the customer selects the dimension; London, cell data figure 4,000, and Last Refresh Date to the text.
  1. Select Create.

To edit the text further, click within the text box, and make your changes.

If a message displays, you can: 

  • Select Clipboard. The text is added to the slide, but the data cannot be updated when you refresh.
  • Select Continue to continue working on the presentation. The text is not added to the slide. 
  • Select Email Support.