1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Build apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Build Pages
  4. Build with cards
  5. Card types
  6. Configure a presentation table
  7. Set the style of presentation table elements
  8. Set the style of time summaries.

As a page builder, you can customize the appearance of time summary styles in a presentation table.

Conditional formatting overrides any style you set in Card configuration.

To navigate to the Styles configuration:

  1. Select a presentation table in designer mode.
  2. In the Card configuration panel, select the Format tab, then the Styles sub-tab.

To set the style of time cells:

  1. Select Time summaries from the Style dropdown.
  2. Expand a style, one of: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Half year, Year, Year to date, or Year to go.
  3. Optionally:
    • Select a Background color or transparent.
    • Select a Font color or transparent.
    • For Emphasis, select bold , italic , and underline , independently.
  4. Repeat the above for each style you want to customize.
  5. Save or Publish your page when you're ready.