A table card displays tabular data on a report page. For example, a profit and loss statement. Table cards display up to 300 rows and up to 50 columns. 

You must open your page in designer mode. Select Edit this page

You can save your work at any time. Select Save to save as a draft. When you're ready to publish, select Publish.

Note: When you add a table card to a report, the number of columns is fixed at the time of creation and does not change. 

To configure your card:

  1. Select Configure on a new card, or hover over your card and select Edit .
    Read how to add a card to a report
  2. On the Overview tab of the Card configuration panel, select a View to use as the data source for your card, then select Update
  3. You can enter a Title and Description for the card. You can also link the card's title to a page from the Link to a page dropdown. 
  4. On the Grid tab, you can:
    • Toggle Users can export data right to allow users to export card data
    • Configure Column width and Row height.
      Row height
      settings apply to all rows. 
    • Configure Line item image settings.
    • Insert Calculations.
    • Choose a Font size.
      Font size settings apply to all rows and columns. 
    • Manage values.
  5. On the Format tab, you can apply Themes from the card template library, set Styles for table elements, and Format line items. 
  6. On the Context tab, you can configure context dimensions, set the Context color, and enable or disable Sync on selection for line items. 
  7. Select the drag handle and drop your card where you want it to display.