You can create a set of linked slides based on one or more dimension in the source slide. 

You can create multiple report slides by selecting one or more dimension that you want to report on. For example, to create a set of regional slides based on a set of products for Q1, you can create a set of slides based on the region, product, and time dimension.

The key elements in the Cascade slides are:

  • Source slide: This is the original slide that the linked slides are based on. Any change to the source slide, such as a layout change, a card modification, or any new card additions will be reflected in all ‌linked slides.
  • Linked slides: These are child slides linked to the source slide based on the selected dimension. For example, if a country dimension is selected, you can create linked slides based on the source slide's data for one or more countries.

Note: You can hide the source slide once you have created a set of linked slides.

Refer to Manage Cascade Slides to create a cascade from regional report slides.