You can change your environment and choose whether Anaplan line item formatting and grid styling is applied to your worksheet when you create or refresh a connection. You can also change your environment.

If you make changes to settings in the add-on they apply to the full spreadsheet. 

Anaplan line item formatting is always enabled for read-write connections. If you deselect Apply Anaplan line item formatting, this only affects read-only connections.

To change your settings:

  1. On the Anaplan sidebar, select Settings .
  2. You can select:
    • Apply Anaplan line item formatting to apply cell formatting to date in read-only connections. Conditional formatting is not supported.
    • Apply Anaplan grid styling to apply Anaplan grid styling to your data. For example, cell borders and colors, font colors, and headings. 
  3. You can select Change environment to change your environment.
    If you change environment, you need to sign in again.
  4. Select Apply.

Your formatting and styling settings apply the next time you refresh your data or create a new connection.