1. Extensions
  2. Excel Add-in Series 4
  3. Use Single Sign-on (SSO)

You can use Single-Sign-on (SSO) to sign in to the Excel Add-in. 

Note: The Add-ins do not support multi-factor authentication.

To use SSO:

There are two ways to sign in with Single Sign-on that depend on your authentication setting.
  1. Ensure the authentication setting you selected for sign in has SSO authentication enabled.
    The name of the selected authentication setting displays under Sign In.
  2. Click Sign In.
    The Single Sign-on dialog displays.
  3. Enter your Single Sign-on (SSO) credentials.
    Note: You may need to verify yourself depending on your SSO setup.
    You're then signed into the Excel Add-in. 

If you do not have SSO authentication enabled in your selected authentication setting:

  1. Click Sign In.
    The Sign In dialog displays.
  2. Click Use Single Sign-on.
    If prompted, enter your SSO Friendly URL.
    To change an existing SSO Friendly URL, click Edit your SSO Friendly URL, then click Continue.
    After you sign with SSO for the first time, the Excel Add-in appends ?svcId=auth to the URL. Do not remove this, as it's required for technical reasons.
  3. Enter your Single Sign-on (SSO) credentials.
    You're signed into the Excel Add-in. 

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