The Dashboard designer canvas is where you build the layout for your dashboard. The canvas provides the flexibility to try things out and see how you like them.

Classic dashboards are not supported for new customers. Build Apps or Pages in the User Experience instead.

In the Dashboard Designer canvas, you can add text boxesimages, and move, delete, or resize elements. You can also access menus to format (column settings, height and width) and manipulate your data (selection options, hide/show, Breakback, drill down, filter, sort, show history, search). To edit a chart element, select Chart options from the chart element menu.

When in the Dashboard designer canvas, all the elements on the canvas have a dotted outline. All buttons are also disabled, to precent processes from accidentally running while you're designing your dashboard.

Select an element to display editing options (move, resize, and delete). The selected element displays with a solid blue outline and enables these additional actions:

  • Select and drag the grab handle labeled Move, to move the element in the canvas.
  • Select and drag the arrowhead in the bottom-right corner of an element to resize it.
  • Select the red cross in the top-right corner of an element to remove if from the canvas.
  • Select the gray triangle in the top-left corner of an element to open the Dashboard Element menu.

Note: Select Reset from the Dashboard menu to revert your changes. This allows you to edit a canvas without any impact to other users, and revert the changes if required.