1. Administration and security
  2. Administration
  3. Users
  4. Visiting users
  5. Invite a visiting user

If you are assigned the User Admin role, you can invite users from organizations outside your tenant (for example, partners). You can then add those users to workspaces and assign those users to roles in your tenant.

To invite a user to a role and workspace in your tenant:

  1. In Users > Visiting, click Invite.
    The Invite visiting user dialog displays.
  2. Enter the visiting user’s email address and click Next.
    If the email address is invalid, an error displays.  Verify the email address is correct and try again.
    If successful, the Assign visitor to workspaces dialog displays.
  3. Select the workspaces to which you want to add the visiting user.  You must add the visiting user to at least one workspace.
    • If you don’t see the workspace, use the search box and enter the workspace name.
    • Click the select all box (a checkbox with a hyphen next to the search box) to select all the workspaces in your tenant.
  4. Select Notify visitor when added to workspaces to send a notification email to the visiting user of workspace assignment.  This checkbox is selected by default.  
    Deselect if you do not want to send a notification email.
  5. Click Invite visitor to complete the invitation or click Cancel to end without inviting the visiting user.
    A confirmation message displays.