The Anaplan Administration console is a tool that enables certain enabled roles to view or make changes to aspects of your organization's Anaplan environment and the workspaces within it.

Tenants are central to the different user roles to be assigned in a workspace. A tenant is a client account within the Anaplan platform. It contains client workspaces and authorized users. Anaplan clients typically have a single Tenant, with one or more Workspaces, according to their business requirements.

Roles that can access features in the Administration console include:

  • Tenant Admin
  • View Admin
  • Tenant Security Admin
  • Encryption Admin
  • Tenant Auditor

The workspace administrator role does not have access to the Administration console. For more information on roles in Anaplan, see Access Control.

If you do not know who has been assigned to the Tenant Administrator role in your organization, contact your Customer Success Business Partner or Anaplan Support.

As a Tenant Administrator, you can use the Anaplan Administration app to get a quick overview of all the Users, Models, and Workspaces in your organization. You can also carry out these operations in the Anaplan Administration app.

  • Manage users and model categories across all of the workspaces in your organization.
  • Oversee one or more Workspace Administrators.
  • Get a quick overview of all the Users, Models, and Workspaces in the organization. For any given user, you can look up the list of models and workspaces that user has access to.
  • Look up a user and remove (or reinstate) their access to Anaplan. This is useful when an employee or contractor leaves (or rejoins) your organization.
  • Set up default categories and custom category values to provide your organization with a logical way to organize and search for models.
  • Manage user notifications. This includes overriding user-level settings for notifications, at the tenant level.
  • Register new Certificate Authority (CA) certificates
  • Manage your certificates:
    • Enable or disable certificates
    • Delete certificates

Tenant Administrators can apply default categories and values to models or create custom values.

If your organization has many models, searching for models by category (or category value) can narrow the search hits. For example, you might want users to find the models in TEST, rather than DEVELOPMENT or PRODUCTION.

As a Tenant Auditor, you can use the Audit section of the Administration app to retrieve up to 30 days of logs. You can filter the events listed to show events that occurred: 

  • Between two specific dates 
  • In the last hour
  • In the last 2 hours
  • In the last 24 hours 
  • In the last 72 hours 
  • In the last week 

You can view these events for either your user activity or in Bring Your Own Key (BYOK), if your organization uses it.

You can also use the Audit API  to obtain audit events.

To access the Audit section of the Administration app, and use the Audit API, you must be assigned the Tenant Auditor role and Anaplan Audit must be enabled on your tenant. Your Tenant Administrator can assign users the Tenant Auditor role.