After you prepared your source data, you get it ready for export with your historical data. Then you create your forecast. The forecast requires you set up a data collection. 

To set up a data collection:

  1. In the left navigation bar on the Forecast overview page, select Data collections.
  2. Select New data collection in the top right.
    The configuration dialog for Set up a data collection displays.
  3. Enter your Data collection name
  4. Select the workspace, model, and export action for the source data you want to generate your forecast from.
  5. Select the time scale that matches the model calendar choices in your source model. 
  6. Map the lists in your source model to the fields in Data mapping.
    These are the lists that you created when you prepared your data.  
  7. If you only want to use historical data to base your forecast on, select Create data collection in the bottom right of the screen. 
     If you want to add more datasets, go to step 9.
    When you select Create data collection, the data collection assembly begins.
    The data collection displays in a list view with the date it's created and the status of the collection. 
  8. Optional: To display the overview and properties of the data collection, select the collection, and these details display in the right panel.
  9. Optional: To add related data, select Add related data and follow this procedure.
    To add attributes, select Attributes (optional) from the left-hand panel, and follow the Add attributes procedure.
The right pane displays when you select the name, or date created, or status of a data collection listing.


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