Create a forecast action to generate predictions based on your forecast model. This is the third step in the main PlanIQ activity flow.

After you've created a data collection (Stage 3, Step 1) and a forecast model (Stage 3, Step 2), create a forecast action. Then you can run it on demand or schedule it to generate forecasts automatically (Stage 3, Step 3). You can use only one forecast action per model.

We recommend you evaluate the forecast model before you create and run a forecast action.
To evaluate a forecast model:

    • Assess metrics in the inspector panel tab.
    • Import backtest data and compare the forecast against the actuals.

To create a forecast action:

  1. In PlanIQ, select Forecast actions.
  2. Select New forecast action in the upper right of the screen.
    The configuration dialog for Create a forecast action displays.
  3. Enter your Forecast action name.
    Also, in Anaplan, add an item of the same name to the Forecast Action list (see Create a forecast results module). 
  4. Select a Forecast model from the dropdown.
    The action uses this model to generate the forecasts.
  5. Beneath Forecast import information, make the selections below. 
      • The Target workspace and Target model in which the your forecast results module exists.
      • The Forecast import action previously created, based on this page.

If you selected a forecast model that uses the MVLR algorithm and want to access explanability information, select the Explainability import action to list and Explainability import action to module beneath Explainablity import information.

  1. Beneath Advanced, change the values of the lower and upper Forecast quantiles (optional). The values can be up to two decimal places (hundredths place). See Quantiles for details.
      • Enter a value between 0.01 and 0.49 in the Lower quantile field. The default value is 0.1.
      • Enter a value between 0.51 and 0.99 in the Upper quantile field. The default value is 0.9.
  2. Select Create action.
      • To run the forecast action on demand, follow the steps below.
          • Select the forecast action you've created from the Forecast actions list. 
          • Select Run in the ellipsis menu. You can check the status in the Forecast actions page.
      • To schedule the forecast action to run automatically, go to Schedule a forecast action.

Note: Forecast runs use prediction points, counted toward your quota as part of your PlanIQ subscription. See Monthly PlanIQ usage for details.