We offer customers product Beta testing and/or Early Access (EA). Participation enables you to provide feedback on product development, so that products can be refined prior to the General Access (GA) phase. 

What is the purpose of EA programs?

EA programs give participating customers an opportunity to test, provide feedback, and help shape new Anaplan products. Your direct feedback helps us improve our product offerings. 

I’m not an EA customer, can I use EA products?

No. EA products are limited to EA customers. However, you can still read about EA features on Anapedia. We label EA products with an EA banner.

How many customers can enroll to use an EA product?

We limit EA participants to 15 per product.

How are customers selected to join an EA program?

  • Via Idea Exchange
  • From the User Research Program
  • Through discussions with your Anaplan Business Partner
  • If you've previously provided feedback
  • If you've asked about new functionality or new ways to access Anaplan models

How could I join an EA program?

Contact Ask-Product@Anaplan.com for information on EA opportunities.