Welcome to your Anaplan user experience! We've redesigned our user interface to make it faster and easier to use. Familiarize yourself with our new enhancements, and how they can help you.

We've redesigned Anaplan so that it's:

  • faster and easier to use
  • offers the best possible user experience
  • performs well across different devices

This page gives an overview of the redesign, and introduces some key concepts.


We're still working to incorporate classic Anaplan features into the user experience. 

Currently, page builders can:

These sample screenshots give a preview of the user experience:

You can see a list of all the pages in an app on the App contents screen:

The app contents screen. Pages are listed beneath headings with the category name in the center of the screen. Shortcuts to the categories are displayed in the panel on the left.

Use boards to create visually-striking, interactive dashboards that display high-level information, like key performance indicators and charts.

Board titled Gross Margin Summary Board. It displays KPI, grid, chart, action, and field cards.

Worksheets offer large grids for you to edit and analyze detailed data.

Account targets worksheet. Quick links and Additional insights display in the right panel.


We update Anapedia content regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.