Workspace administrators can choose to exclude summary items from exports. Summary items include Is Summary line items and parent list items.

For example, a Profit and Loss module includes the Packaging Costs, Distribution Costs, Staff Expenses, and Total Costs line items. In Blueprint, Total Costs is marked as Is Summary.

If you export data from the Profit and Loss module and select Omit Summary Items in the Export dialog, the Total Costs line item does not appear in the export.

If you choose to exclude summary items, the following are not included in an export:

You can also exclude summaries from any subsidiary views you export.

In order to exclude summary items from export data, you must first open the module or dashboard that contains the data to export.

To exclude summary items from export data:

  1. In your module, select Data > Export. In your dashboard, select the arrow next to the module name to display the dashboard element menu, then select Data > Export.
  2. In the Export dialog, in the Layout tab, select the gridsingle column table, or multiple column table layout for the export.
  3. Under What to Include/Exclude, select Omit Summary Items to exclude summary data.
  4. Select Run Export.