You can import an existing dashboard to create a new board page that contains the same elements as the imported dashboard.

The layout of the board may be different to the imported dashboard. Also, only certain dashboard features are compatible with board pages.

Any published module views you import use the name of the source module for the name of the grid card.

To import a dashboard:

  1. On the app contents screen, select Import dashboard in the top-right.
    The Import dashboard dialog displays.
  2. From the Workspace drop-down list, choose the workspace that contains the model to import from.
  3. From the Model drop-down list, choose the model that contains the dashboard to import.
  4. From the Dashboard drop-down list, choose the dashboard to import.
  5. Select Import.
    The dashboard imports into the current app as a new draft board page, open in designer mode.
    The name of the board page is the name of the imported dashboard followed by the time and date of import.