PlanIQ comes with a monthly quota based on your subscription.

Each forecast run uses prediction points. A prediction point is based on the number of calculations generated by a data pull. You have a monthly quota, which is your allowance of points to use.

You can view your quota of points on the Usage dashboard. 

Usage formula: The number of items, multiplied by the forecast actions you run, equals the total prediction points.

  • Items are the objects that you forecast. Examples are: SKUs (bikes), SKU-location combinations (bikes per store), or revenue per department.
  • When you create a forecast action, there's no point usage until the action runs.
  • If you run the same forecast action twice, you double your points usage.
  • Example: You forecast the demand for 15 SKUs of bikes sold across 20 stores. You run this forecast with 12 different forecast actions (each action may apply a different algorithm and/or data collection) for 10 consecutive months. This activity uses 36,000 prediction points.