If you're a workspace administrator and page builder, you can manage which user roles have access to a page.

By default, all users have access to a page. As a workspace administrator, you can restrict access via the Restrict access tab in Page settings.

You must be a workspace administrator and in designer mode for the page in order for the Restrict access tab to display.

The Full Access role requires unrestricted access, so you cannot remove access for the Full Access role.

You cannot restrict your own role unless you have enabled multiple source models for the page.

Restrict access to a page with multiple associated models

If you have Professional or Enterprise subscription you can associate more than one model with the page. However, when you configure access to a page, you assign access by which roles can access the page, and not by individual models.

When you grant a role access to a page, users who have that role in any model associated with the page have access to the page. This is true, even for models to which you do not have access. They can also switch the source for the page between the associated models to which they have access.

As a page builder, you can only restrict a role's access to a page if you're a workspace administrator for at least one model associated with the page.

Anaplan also provides a centralized access management console for pages within an app.

Note: Only the roles present in associated models to which you have workspace administrator access display for you to restrict. However, when you restrict access to a role, you do so for all associated models, even if you do not have access to all of them. If you want to restrict access to pages by assigning roles to them, you can use Manage access .

Warning:  If you've associated models with the page that do not have compatible data structures, some roles may not be available to restrict at the page level. Always prepare models for use as part of the same ALM workflow before you associate them with a page.

Access restrictions applied to the model data still apply.

Restrict access to a page

To restrict access to a page:

  1. Click the cog icon in the top right of the page.
    The Page options drop-down menu displays.
  2. Click Page settings.
    The Page settings dialog displays.
  3. Select the Restrict access tab.
    If all users have access, the options for All users have access and Restrict users display, with All users have access selected.
    If access has already been restricted, Restrict users is selected. A list of the roles available in the models for which you're a workspace administrator display.
  4. Select Restrict users, if not already selected.
    A list of roles displays, based on the roles in the source model or models (where you've associated multiple models with a page).
  5. Select the roles you want to have access to the page.
    Users with deselected roles cannot access the page.
    • Type into the Find field to search for a particular role within the full list.
      Results for your search term display.
    • Click Select all to change a prior configuration in which you've selected some roles and deselected others.
      All roles are selected.
  6. Click Apply.
    A confirmation message displays in the top right of the page.
  7. Click Publish to save your changes.


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