If set up by a workspace administrator, any user with permission can run the import action for a list or module from the dashboard grid menu.

The import must be set up by a workspace administrator before it can be run from a dashboard.

Your model role must have Selective Access to the part of the model into which you want to import. If you do not have dynamic cell access to some data in an import, the import only updates the cells you can access.

To run an import action from a dashboard grid, the import must have an external file as a source. Only workspace administrators can run a model-to-model import from a dashboard grid, and they must set up a fresh connection to the source model.

For most imports, if the import is shared with everyone or administrators only, ensure you have the source file for which the import was set up. You can upload a different file, but it must have the same structure to ensure the target and source items map correctly.

Workspace administrators who run private imports do not need to upload the file again.

Note: If you import a blank parent for an item that already has a parent, this removes the parent.

To run an import from the element menu of a dashboard grid:

  1. Navigate to a dashboard that displays the list or module view as a grid.
  2. Select the arrow in the top left of the grid to display the dashboard element menu.
  3. Select Data > Import.
  4. If prompted, select Choose File and choose the file you want to import.
  5. Select Run.
    The Results Summary displays which items imported successfully and any that did not.
    You can open the Details tab for a detailed report or select Close to exit the dialog.