1. Import and export data
  2. Import Data into Models
  3. Import data from another model

You can import data from one Anaplan model into another.

Types of model-to-model import

When you import from a source model, you can choose to import from a list, or from a module or saved view.

Authentication and workspace access for model-to-model imports

If you log in with your Anaplan username and password, the source model for the import can be in:

  • Your current workspace
  • Any other workspace to which you have access in the same customer environment

If you use Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, the source model for the import can be in any other workspace assigned to the same SSO server.

User access for model-to-model imports

Your read and write access you have to model data is determined by your model role, whether you’re a workspace administrator, and dynamic cell access. You may have different levels of access in different models. This can affect the data you can import and the areas of a module into which you can import. However, in some cases, a model-to-model import ignores user access permissions. 

Learn about access constraints in model to model imports.


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