Any user with the required permissions can run a list or module import from a dashboard. Workspace administrators can also run user and version imports.

A workspace administrator must create the import before it can be published to a dashboard. Once published to a dashboard, any user with permission to run the import, and access to the data, can run the import from:

Workspace administrators can publish imports to dashboards as action buttons.

You can also publish lists or module views dashboards. Users can then run the import from the dashboard element menu in the top left of the grid.

Note: To enable users to run imports to Versions or Users from a dashboard, you must publish the imports as action buttons.

If selective access applies to the version, list, or module into which you want to import, your model role must have write access to this. If you do not have dynamic cell access to some data in an import, the import only updates the cells you can access.

To enable non-workspace administrators to run an import from a dashboard, the workspace administrator must save the import as a default file shared with everyone.

Note: Only workspace administrators can run imports for Versions and Users.

If you run an import that's saved as a private file, the import uses the saved import data source. This means you do not need to upload a source when you run the import, unless the file has expired. Private import files expire if not used for 48 hours.

If a list or module import is shared with everyone or administrators only, you need to upload a source file when you run the import from a dashboard.

Workspace administrators can run imports to users and versions with the original data source, as long as it has not expired. If the original source expires and a shared default file exists, the import defaults to the shared file.

To run a saved import action from a dashboard, the action must be published to the dashboard as a button.

Workspace administrators can set up a new model-to-model import from the grid menu of a list or saved view on a dashboard. However, this creates a new import.

When you use an action button to import from a saved view, there must be a view in the source model with the same name as the view for which the import was configured. If multiple views in the model have the same name, the import is unsuccessful.